• Think.

  • Create.

  • Be.

We help companies create compelling brands and experiences.
It’s kind of our thing.



Problem solving is our sweet spot. We promise to deliver beautiful and innovative solutions that will generate the results your business deserves.

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We help companies discover and create the tools they need to connect with their customers, meet business objectives, and seize opportunities for growth. We’re great with digital solutions and even better at building brands, but give us a unique challenge and you’ll see where we really shine. Problem solving is our sweet spot, and we promise to deliver beautiful and innovative solutions that will generate the results your business deserves.


Think. Create. Be.

It's more than a motto, it's our approach to every project.


Ask the right questions.

We start every project with one provoking, but essential question: Why? From the very beginning, it’s important to take into account what we’re trying to achieve with a particular project. Starting with "Why" allows us to identify the core meaning behind your campaign/project and address more specific questions such as: What are we offering? Who is our audience? How do we want them to respond?

Together, we’ll identify and answer these questions and analyze the information needed to launch the most effective campaign.


Use the right tools.

Using what we’ve learned in the thinking phase, we’ll define how to best produce the goods and services that make up your project/campaign. Our team works together to produce ideas and execute concepts through a variety of skills: copywriting, storytelling, illustration, typography, photography, videography, animation, and mobile/web development. The real challenge is knowing how and when to utilize a specific skill.

Each medium serves a purpose and must be leveraged in order to excel within a particular strategy. We understand the relationships between these mediums and how they best complement each other.


Become your brand.

Now that everything is created, you get to become your brand: launch your website, start your social conversation, distribute print materials— publishing your project is just the beginning. Now you have to live and breathe your brand or marketing campaign.

We’ll deliver your campaign to your target audience and log feedback and engagement from your users. Monitoring how your customers respond to your campaign or interact with your product will allow us to create more relevant and engaging experiences in the future.


Meet The Team

MEGA is a boutique production studio and creative agency operating in the heart of downtown Tampa, Florida. Our versatile team is comprised of a tight-knit group of talented individuals with a passion for creation.

  • Darin Lewis
    Founder / Creative director

    Leading all agency creative, Darin has more than 10 years of creative direction and branding experience for brands and campaigns that traverse many industries, mediums, and technologies. His passion for creating rich user interactions for his clients keeps the company challenged and engaged at all times.

  • Cristina Ordaz
    Visual Designer / Illustrator

    Cristina has a true passion for visual aesthetics. She holds a B.F.A. with a focus on Graphic Design from USF and in 2012 she was named one of CMYK Magazine's Top New Creatives. Her natural talent for layout, design, and illustration helps construct each interactive campaign we build.

  • Brandin Lewis
    Photography / Videography

    Communicating stories through clean, vivid media is what brings this creative to work each day. Brandin has produced award-winning film and photo projects across many industries such as education, sports, fine arts, and entertainment and has had the opportunity to grow with companies such as PGA and Red Bull.

  • Azuka Okuleye

    Azuka handles all technical direction, framework architecture, and application development for all interactive projects. Azuka loves to solve new problems and push boundaries in both frontend and backend web development. PHP is his primary programming language, and he considers himself a WordPress expert.

  • Louis Meschino
    Photography / Videography

    Louis has worked closely in the industry, from editing, filming, directing, and writing. With a bachelor's degree in the science of Film and Photography, and over 5 years of experience in short films, documentaries, music videos, a travel show and more, he considers himself a creative soul and a true storyteller.

  • Rafael Martin

    Rafael is a photographer with a broad scope of experience, including portraits, journalistic coverage, product photography, and automotive photography. With a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida, Rafael has an artistic background and knowledge in drawing, painting, and sculpture that he incorporates into his photography.



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