We'd love to help you with your next project.

But let's take a few minutes to get to know each other before we jump into something serious.

  • We're a passionate group of creative professionals.

We don't make quick decisions and we stand behind our plans and strategies. When it comes to our original designs, we limit the number of revisions requests. The more revisions your make, the less professional the final product will appear. We ask that clients full-heartedly trust our designs, and understand we are the experts.

  • Hiring MEGA is like hiring a new employee.

Take time to decide if you are ready to fully embrace a new team member with workshops, questions, meetings and an increased budget.

  • Why should you hire MEGA?

Instead of hiring several employees (a designer, developer, a marketer, videographer and photographer) you invest in a true partnership and team of talented individuals that will cost you roughly the amount of one new team member. Plus, no need to worry about issuing health benefits and insurance, vacation and sick days. 

Sound like something you can work with? 

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