Weekly Round Up 1/16/2015

Happy Friday! Check out the posts from around the web that caught MEGA’s attention this week. See if you can fill in the blanks.

___-year-old swimmer stars in Speedo ad!

MEGA message: Understand your brand and know your audience.

Over ___% of Americans own a cell phone.

MEGA message: Don’t neglect the mobile experience.

Companies that did this moved to the top of the list!

MEGA message: Being the best at telling a story pays off!

MTV did this to also achieve a 151% increase in site visits.

MEGA message: Having a responsive, mobile-friendly site is a no-brainer

Develop a culture that encourages this.

MEGA message: Work smarter, not harder

What caught your attention or surprised you this week? Share below and check in for next week’s MEGA round-up.