How to be Productive on Social Media: Facebook

This is the 2nd blog post in a series of blog posts about How to be Productive on Social Media by Law Smith, Client Partner at MEGA. Check out his 1st post about Twitter here.

The Common Complaints about Facebook are currently:

Too Much Clutter

  • Flooding indifferent content in your feed can weigh you down. A news feed full of people only humblebragging about their life and never showing the real life can create resentment or give you the FOMO complex. Here are my top 3 Facebook News Feed annoyances: 
    • Tagged-photo-spam of women's shoes or Air Jordans 
    • Typical Live Events (announcements/photos of wedding proposals, wedding receptions, pregnancy updates, kids/babies you'll never meet, new home/car purchases) from people you barely know.  
    • Disconnected offline conversations with friends that frequent Facebook. I was listening to an episode of You Made It Weird where they talked about people in their late 30s meeting for the holidays and no one had anything to talk about because they all stalk each other on Facebook. 
  • Remember about a year ago when when Facebook pushed for videos to show up in your feed? My whole news feed was Spanish radio stations that were smart enough to rip a video from YouTube and upload to their page. 

Tremendo donqueo!!!! Les quedo espectacular.

Posted by X 96.3 FM on Tuesday, August 19, 2014


  • My favorite part of Facebook is the ability to read vitriolic arguments in someone’s feed that would never, ever happen in real life.  I wish I didn't love reading these Comment Arguments, or Comguments**, but it is interesting to see how people would debate social issues with any reference one browser tab away (rarely used) and plenty of time to reply (many emotional typos). 
  • Companies need to hire a rational, logical social media coordinator to avoid a snarky post from one of my favorite pages, Condescending Corporate Brand Page 

Wow! you females apparently like Pizza?! What is this sorcery?

Posted by Condescending Corporate Brand Page on Thursday, March 5, 2015

How Facebook Can Be Productive

Filter Your Feed

  • Use the Unfollow button religiously (I didn't do it Joe!)
  • You can use browser extensions like that filters out babies replacing them with "awesome stuff" or, as my wife gleefully let me know, you can block Ads and celeb news with the Kardashian blocker, KardBlock.

Keep connections 



  • See Facebook as a hub and all other social media outlets as a spoke.  The Pew Institute's data declares Facebook is still an integral to most adults' lives.  I tell my friends to keep their accounts even when they insist Facebook is a sinking ship due to younger generations migrating to Instagram, Snapchat, etc..  Even if you don't use your Facebook account, you can keep it dormant as a way for distant friends and acquaintances to reach you, like a public email address.  Facebook may help the younger generation connect with an old friend to land a job. In my recent experience, Facebook has helped me connect with an old friend to find funeral information for a mutual friend. 

local business advertising

  • I'm shocked when I talk to local business owners, especially bars and restaurants, don't integrate Facebook Ads into their marketing mix.  The response is that they don't have money to spend on ads, don't know how or don't have the time.  If any or all of those responses is true for your small business, drop us a line.   Facebook has made it easy to learn the basics of advertising.  It might be good to get a 101 on Facebook Ads now because your page's post that get organic looks are about to become devalued

**Comguments: Com-gu-ments, a word that sounds as unintelligible as the activity it represents.

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