What is a YouTube Channel Trailer?

A YouTube Channel Trailer is a fun and engaging way to get new subscribers.

How does it work?

When an unsubscribed user visits your channel they’ll see your short video describing what to expect and why to subscribe. It’s sort of like speed dating, you have a very limited time to get their attention and make them want more.

Once a user subscribes, YouTube will automatically start showing that user a video from the ‘What to Watch Next’ list. 

Channel Trailer Tips and Ideas

  • Be creative and catchy. It’s your first impression and you want to make sure it’s memorable.
  • Include reasons why they should subscribe and explain what they can expect.
  • Do you release a new video each Wednesday? Make sure you create hype!
  • Create a montage including snippets from your top viewed videos
  • Be sure your trailer is branded and include an overlay of your logo to reinforce branding.

Ad Free

Google won’t place pre-roll ads on your channel trailers. Here’s why:

“The reason for not showing ads in this spot is that it would distract the user from learning about your channel and subscribing which is the purpose of the placement.” Read more…


There are a few simple steps to get it up and running. Google provides step-by-step directions here.

Here’s an Example

We are not in anyway associated with FLULA but he does a great job using his channel trailer.

Here’s a screenshot of what you see if you aren’t subscribed. Note, the trailer appears front and center and showcases the description entered with the video.

Once subscribed, you see the ‘What to Watch Next’ list when you visit the channel. 

If you have a channel and are not taking advantage of the trailer, you’re missing out. Need help creating a channel trailer? Contact us, we can help.