Building a Brand and Creating a Company Culture

Our coined approach to every project is three-pronged; Think. Create. Be. As we sat down as a team to revamp our site and marketing message, we brought ourselves through the process. This is our story.



Why do we need a change? For us, the change was needed because our team was growing and with that we were able to provide new services to our clients. We then worked to answer the next few questions, making sure we weren’t making quick assumptions and digging deep into each.

  • What are we offering?
  • Who is our audience?
  • How do we want them to respond?

We started to sketch out our plan… in this case we used the MEGA “M” to represent our journey. After all, we are a team of true creatives and to keep our minds working we knew we needed more than a few pages of notes.


We learned a lot in phase one. The ideas were taking shape as we discussed how to spread our message and which channels would be used. We gathered our tools and got to working creating the framework.

The blueprints were turning into something tangible—and so were the new content drafts for the site.


Once we felt confident with our new services and messaging, we tested it out in the market through networking events, guest speaking opportunities, and lunch with current and past clients. We gained valuable insight that we used while creating our new website.

The framework of our M is now covered with our beautiful blue. We chose a textured material to show the depth of our brand.


We gained a lot of valuable knowledge through this process, and created some great visuals to use on the site. One of the most important things we learned was that without the right tools and plan we wouldn’t have been successful.

Learn more about our process.