How to Retain Customers with Marketing Automation

Learn how drip email campaigns can help with customer retention. 

How often do you email your customers? Beyond newsletters and company announcements, wouldn't it be great if you could deliver customized messages to your customers’ inbox?


At MEGA we primarily use MailChimp for email marketing. MailChimp’s automation feature allows you to trigger emails based on various workflows.

Here are a few of my favorite workflows:

  • Welcome Emails
    Whether it’s a stand-alone welcome message or an entire onboarding series, this workflow is a great touch point for new clients. Take advantage of this opportunity to introduce them to your business and welcome them as a customer.
  • Date Based Emails
    If your customer data contains a date column, like a birthday or last session in an app, you can use this workflow to trigger messages. For example, you can setup a birthday discount email to send 3 weeks before, 1 week before and on their birthday to remind them to stop in for their free birthday ice cream cone.
  • Web Activity Emails
    Send emails only to users who have clicked on certain links in past emails. This is especially helpful when you have a wide variety of products or services. And, now you know what they’re interested in so your follow up emails can be more specific.
  • Purchase History Emails
    Create specific messages based on the product category that users have purchased. If they have purchased women’s shoes in the past, then let’s email them to tell them about our annual sale deals. No need to blast out to your entire list for sales in every department.
  • Custom Triggers
    Depending on the complexity of your database you can create custom triggers and workflows. For example you can create a list field that says if your customers have been to a specific event. Your company may host the same event in various locations. So no matter when your users attend the event they’ll get the follow up emails sent automatically.

Although the setup is slightly more intense for automation emails, it’s well worth the work. I've also found that open and click rates improve greatly when content is more specific to the recipient.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities. If you’re interested in starting marketing automation, the first step is working on your list. Make sure it’s up to date and clean. Then, get in touch and tell us about your business. We can help you plan out and even design the emails for you. Want to learn more, head on over to MailChimp and continue reading.