4 Factors For App Success

With mobile usage on the rise, it can be difficult to offer an app that stands out and gives your users an experience that will keep them coming back. Inc. has recently outlined some factors that are important to consider for long term success. Below we outline the factors and elaborate based on our own experience.

  1. Easy to Understand, Easy to Use
    We would have to agree. When planning for an app, we default to simple. The goal is to present useful content in a way that is functional and easy to navigate across all devices.


  2. Solid First Impression
    A great way to create a solid first impression is with an unforgettable video or image.

  3. Usage Becomes a Habit
    Tying in a bit with ease of use is being able to add value to your users; making it essential to their daily routine. Think of the top 3 things a user would grab the app for regularly and make that content easy to get too and use.

  4. Viral Component Native to the App Experience
    Give your users something to talk about and reasons to share their experience with your app with others. Build a community around your app where you are constantly gathering feedback, improving and sharing in the success with others.

While this list isn't exhaustive of all factors to consider when creating a successful native app, these should certainly not be overlooked to help create an app your users can’t live without!

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