Hats for Cats and Small Dogs

A few weeks ago, as I was listening to the StartUp podcast, I learned that MailChimp (the show's sponsor) does in fact distribute "hats for cats and small dogs." They actually called the lady who makes them and did an interview.


So, that led me to do some research on my own. I found some tweets and a Flickr account. They also released this cute video on Vimeo:

The Ask

Since we often have small dogs in the MEGA office I wrote an email asking how to get one.

No response... 

And then, like magic, about a week later a MailChimp package arrived!

Our Small Dog

Our little Stark was so excited to model it for us! Isn’t he cute?

Thank You

A big thanks for our favorite email vendor, MailChimp! We love you guys! Check out all of our favorite Mailchimp automation tips here. 

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