Blue Greene Enterprises

Changing the game for college athletes.


Blue Greene Enterprises approached us with an idea to create an exclusive community that would connect former college athletes with hiring Fortune 500 companies. The company needed a tool that would help them manage and streamline this process.

We helped Blue Greene flesh out their concept, which led to designing and building a user-friendly website that interfaced much like a private network, allowing access to both former college athletes and hiring companies. The website would act as a platform for athletic alumni to showcase their professional abilities and discover new career paths. Athletes could set up online resumes, search for relevant employment opportunities, and reach out to hiring managers, while partnering Fortune 500 companies would post new position openings and search for applicants based on criteria, like where an athlete graduated from or specific skills.  


Whether you’re an established business looking for new creative brand content to share with your audience, or a start up owner looking for website design services, MEGA’s team is one that can be counted on for a great product and even greater service. They always bring a fresh thought process to every project and dive into the core of what you are trying to accomplish to provide you with the best end result for your business. I’m not surprised at all by the success and growth they are experiencing.
— Brian M. Greene, Founder & CEO at Blue Greene Enterprises