Branding the future of change.


Michelle Royal of HDYI hired us to visually transform her company into RIDG, her vision for a multidisciplinary organization that would help companies facilitate meaningful and effective change. The process of branding the reincarnated company encouraged a collaborative and thorough exploration of RIDG’s values, mission, and identity as a company. Through this holistic process of discovery we created a beautiful and relevant brand, all while helping RIDG redefine themselves as a company.

Reflecting on this theme of change, we developed a simple and modern visual system that utilized the geometry of a triangle and the powerful symbolism of a prism to highlight the importance of transformation in the brand.


We contracted MEGA to design and build the brand for RIDG, a global business consultancy that equips enterprise level businesses with the skills necessary to thrive, compete, and lead. Not only did they spend ample time with us creating the assets we needed to stand apart, they helped us define our organization. We were very happy with their attention to detail and versatile team of creators.
— Michelle Royal, CEO & Founder at RIDG