Think like a USF student, walk like a USF student.


While college students at other large universities often have their pulse on what's happening around them, our team found that was hardly the case with the students attending University of South Florida. We discovered a communicaiton gap between the area's local amenities and events, and the students attending the university.

As residents of the neighborhood and USF alumni ourselves, we were determined to help connect the school to the community by elevating school spirit and bridging the gap between local business and the students of USF.

BullsGuide.com is an online resource that provides a catalog of living, dining, and entertainment options for USF students. Built from the ground up, BullsGuide gives students the tools necessary to make their college experience a little more robust.

The heart of the website is a heavy-duty search engine that lists local amenities such as restaurants, shops, and apartments, supplemented by a blog, on-going photography of local events, and other resources.  In addition to the website, BullsGuide created a strong social media community (organically raising over 5,000 unique Facebook fans within the first year), and has cultivated healthy relationships with well-known companies and organizations like USF, Red Bull, and the PGA Tour.

Oh yeah, and Go Bulls!