Grilling Companion

Refreshing a strong brand across all platforms.


Grilling Companion is an online grilling magazine where you can find grilling recipes and tips from years of experience. Built out of a small idea to share their passion for grilling and technology, the two founders Steve and Tom share their best recipes, tips and anecdotes across the site and in the "Grill-It!" native app. The app is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as  Android devices. With a growing list of app downloads and subscribers, Grilling Companion was looking to update their presence and create a better user experience for how people searched, viewed and shared their recipes; while also making recipes easier to add and manage so they are able to frequently deliver the content their audience is craving.

Starting with a recipe-friendly theme, the new site takes their content to the next level. With larger imagery and an enhanced search, users can now easily find and view over 100 recipes. Ensuring the recipe RSS feed syncs properly with their app and newsletters creates a cross platform continuity for their brand and gives their audience a consistent experience. The new site was also built to easily support and merge the brand seamlessly with Advertising revenue opportunities for current and future visitors.

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We may know a lot about grilling and technology, but MEGA knows design and marketing. Their creative team was easy to work with and truly helped elevate our brand and digital presence.
— Steve Wilson, Co-Founder of Grilling Companion