Clark ♦ Martino

Dedicated and experienced attorneys.


Clark ♦ Martino is a nationally recognized trial law firm specializing in personal injury. Since 1972, they’ve practiced in all areas of personal injury law and civil litigation in Tampa Bay. The Clark ♦ Martino team recognized a need for their digital presence to better reflect their experience and reputation starting with a website redesign. The main goals of a site redesign were to remove clutter, create a better user experience with an updated, responsive design and pull almost four hundred static pages into a content management system they could easily update as needed.

Beginning with a strategy session, our team captured their vision in a custom design and built a custom Wordpress theme to seamlessly manage each section of their website, including a blog where a bulk of their pages were organized and categorized. We showcased updated imagery for a fresh look and feel and added calls to action throughout the site to help users easily navigate to the content they need and get in touch with the Clark ♦ Martino team.

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